Gaza Small Engine Repair

About Us/Questions/Answers

We are a local company from Castle Rock, Colorado servicing close surrounding areas as Castle Pines, Lone Tree, Parker and Castle Rock.
Our goal is to make sure your car and equipment performs great for a long time.



WHEN TO DO A TUNE UP? It is recommended to do every year before season or after season for storage.

WHEN TO CLEAN THE CARBURETOR? It is recommended to clean every 2-3 years to remove debris inside the carburetor.

WHERE IS OUR SHOP? We work from home and have a storage for machines, but we do not have a commercial store, we are located in a residential property.

CAN I DROP OFF EQUIPMENT? Yes, and this includes a free diagnostic. Please make sure to contact us first to make sure we can receive the equipment.

HOW MUCH IS A DIAGNOSTIC AT MY HOME OR EQUIPMENT PICK UP? $65.00 this includes picking the machine and delivering it back to you if you decide to repair it.

HOW LONG TO REPAIR MY EQUIPMENT OR DO A TUNE UP? 1-3 Business days if is a tune-up or carburetor cleaning, 1-8 business days if is a repair that we need to order parts.

DO YOU SELL PARTS? No, we do not sell any parts for machines, we only use them for our repairs.

HOW TO PAY? We receive checks, cash, Venmo, PayPal and Credit cards.

DO YOU DO LAWN CARE SERVICES? Yes, only aerations, fertilization, overseeding, winterizer, sprinkler blowouts and sprinkler turn ons.

DO YOU HAVE USED EQUIPMENT? Yes, only equipment in good or okay shape, not several damaged.

Why Choose Us?

We are dedicated to serving our customers and provide the best valuable experience for them. We truly care about doing a great tune up for the cars and repairing the equipment successfully while building positive relationships with our customers.

Why a Tune-Up?

Tune-up and oil changes are important to keep the engine of the machine running at is best for many years, it saves you money and it allows your machine to perform well.  Having a tune-up done also gives information about the status of the machine and what components are performing well and what other components might need to be repaired in the future.

In other words, a tune-up is necessary for a machine to be healthy and running.






Need a Tune-Up or Oil change? Call us or Email us!

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