Residential Lawn Care in Castle Rock

Spring Season is here! Book your Aeration, Fertilization and Over-seeding soon!

  • Aeration $45: creates plugs in the grass to allow water to go to the roots and give oxygen to the grass for a healthy lawn.

  • Fertilization $30: protects the grass from harsh winter weather and fertilizes the grass for a healthier lawn next season.

  • Over-seeding $30: creates a more full and lush lawn by adding hundreds of seeds to the freshly aerated lawn.

*Prices increase for larger yards. Use the Contact Us page to receive a free estimate or call / text us at 720-240-6127

FLINS PROFESSIONAL SERVICES is a premiere full service family owned business servicing Castle Rock & Castle Pines areas. We are here to save you time and help you with your lawn care needs.

We provide free estimates, just fill out a form here or send us a message to 720-240-6127. We will design a plan that works just for you, it can be weekly or bi-weekly services. Our purpose is to serve our customers by providing great services, building a great relationship with our customers, and creating a beautiful yard that our customers can be proud of. 

We have served more than 500+ residential properties and happy customers. Our services include:

  • Lawn Care Clean Up
  • Weekly mowing
  • Deep Aeration
  • Fertilization
  • Sprinkler Turn On
  • Sprinkler Winterization
  • Weed Control
  • Leaf Removal
  • Yard Maintenance

Ready to take that next step towards a beautiful and healthy lawn?

We are not taking any large mowing jobs or clean-ups at this point, we are currently booked 3-4 months from now, thank you for understanding.


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Deep Plug Aeration $45 for regular size properties, we pass the machine twice for better results!

Fertilization $30 (Price changes depending on size of lawn, we use organic if you have pets/Non-Organic for regular lawns).

Over-seeding $30+(We over-seed the lawn for bold spots in the grass, if is a large area we use a complete bag of seeds, add new bags of soil and water the lawn for you every week). Price varies on size and the amount of seeds/soil used.

Winterization $30+ (Organic if you have pets/Non-organic)

Weed Control $15 to $100 depending on the size of weeds and labor. (We spray the weeds with a strong chemical to kill the roots, remove them and trim them. When is the first time to remove the weeds in the property is usually $50+.

For houses that we do weekly mowings and have a few weeds, we go to mow the lawn and we spray the weeds weekly for extra $10 or $20.

Weekly mowing $25+ Includes edging/trim/blow (Price changes depending on size of lawn).

Sprinkler Blowouts $50 for 6 zones, $55 for more than 6 zones.

Sprinkler Turn on $30

Spring/Fall/Winter Clean ups - We trim bushes, dead trees, dead flowers, add mulch, blow the dead leaves out of the rock beds, plant new small trees or bushes, and more!                


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